Database Index

National normative documents, in Europe and beyond


Database Index

In this database there are national, european and international normative documents about the cyber security and the protection of critical infrastructures, and the most recent National Cyber Security Strategies (NCSSs) of the countries that have made public the text.

All the documents collected were maintained as much as possible in their original format.

The archives are open, immediately accessible to everyone and constantly updated (see terms and conditions).

If you find any inaccuracies, or would like to point out, however, an updated version of a document, you are invited to contact us.

Immediately accessible

This website was created with the goal of having readily available the most recent documents on cyber security at national and international level.

Italian database

Italian National Cyber Security Strategy and normative documents.

European database

National Cyber Security Strategies and Communications of the European Union.

International database

National Cyber Security Strategies and international best practices.

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The most relevant documents

Here are National Cyber Security Strategies with more relevance in the international arena.

European strategy for cybersecurity

United States National Cyber Security Strategy

United Kingdom National Cyber Security Strategy

Germany National Cyber Security Strategy